Pumps for High Temperature Liquids »

Technical Features of Thermic Fluid Pumps »

Pump Dimensions comply to ISO 2858/5199 with:

  • Flange STD ASA 150.
  • Available in Closed Impeller Construction for Higher Efficiencies.
  • Wide Range of Models and MOCs available (Ductile Iron, Cast Steel & Stainless Steel) covering the Maximum Duty Conditions.

Salient Features of Thermic Fluid Pumps »

  • Two Intrinsic Designs covering wide range of High
  • Temperature Fluids and other Vegetable Oil Applications.
  • Maximum Temperature handling up to 350o C.
  • Back Ribs on Impeller.
  • Heat Barrier plate for better heat dissipation.
  • Cooling Fins (Air-Cooled) are provided to eliminate use of External Cooling Systems.
  • Oil Lubricated Bearing Housing Only, with Ball Bearings provided on the Product Side as well as the Drive Side to ensure Ease of Maintenance & Better Service Life.
  • Intermediate element Provided for Vegetable Oil
  • Applications Under Vaccum, eliminating use of Expensive Double or Metal Bellow Seals.