Back Pull Out Pumps

Back Pull Out Pumps

Back Pull Out Pumps Manufacturer in India

Investa Pumps offers back-pull out Pumps to cater to various Chemical users which involves high amount of maintenance in their plants. Back pull out pumps design helps in dismantling the entire pump from its bearing frame leaving the casing being not dismantled from its suction and discharge piping. This leads to ease of checking to see wear and tear of pump wetted parts where the liquid is constantly flowing under pressure.

Back pull out pumps also helps in adjusting the impeller from the bearing frame side adjusting its clearance with the casing during the maintenance activity of the Pumps once the Pump is constantly run for few hours. This also helps in maintaining the pump alignment with its shaft and coupling which avoids the breakage of shaft due to the torque applied over it.

These Pumps are very useful while processing liquids with a high amount of slurry and solid handling which leads to regular wear and tear of Pump wetted parts. For example: Pumping white or black liquor in a paper mill or processing corn maize in a starch industry.

These are clear examples where back Pull out Pumps play a Major role in the maintenance activity of most of Chemical Process Solutions. Investa Pumps offers the following designs in variety of Materials in order to serve the above tough chemical services in a much better way improving the product life, reducing product life cycle, cost and reducing the Mean time Between Pump failures due to the continuous ease of maintenance at regular intervals.

As a leading manufacturer of back pull out pumps in India, Investa ensures that each and every pump that is delivered to our global customers passes thoroughly our stringent Quality Control (QC) polices.

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