Foundry Technology has always been the core in development of Chemical Process Pumps out of Corrosive resistant materials. Investa Pumps has its own indigenous state of the art foundry at the Casting Hub of India, Rajkot.

The Investa Pump manufacturing in Valsad features very contemporary machining and pump testing lines. With installed capacity of 3500 units annually, we have expansion plans to increase the capacity further, in the near future. Most of the components for the pumps are machined or fashioned in-house, ensuring speed and accuracy of end-products, and ultimately, the highest quality for the products.

With India’s quantum leaps in industrialization and international mettle, the future looks very promising indeed! Investa is constantly looking to cater best to the ever increasing Indian as well as Global needs. We plan to get into a bigger expansion stage and aim to deliver more Value Added Products for the majority of Process Requirements.

Rajkot Foundry »

Casting in Process
Pouring molten metal into cast
Furnace for Heating
Chemical process pumps making
CNC Workshop
Pump parts warehouse

Valsad Factory »

Fully Computerised Pump Test Bed

Fully Computerised Pump Test Bed

Solar powered manufactruing

Reducing Carbon Footprint: Solar Power

Impeller Dynamic Balancing

Impeller Dynamic Balancing

CNC Workshop

CNC Workshop

CNC at Investa

CAM / CNC Machine

Range of Machines

Range of Machines

NPSHr Testing Facility

NPSHr Testing Facility

CNC Machine -  Investa Pumps

CNC Machine

Pumps Warehouse of Investa Pumps

Well Stocked Warehouse

Automatic nameplate marking

Automatic Nameplate Marking

Coordinate Measuring Machine

Coordinate Measuring Machine

Investa Pumps - inside factory

Workshop Entrance

Hydrotest Facility

Hydrotest Facility

Ready for shipping to global clients

Ready to Ship

Shop Motors of Investa Pumps

Shop Motors

Video Gallery »

Investa Pumps Corporate Film
Industrial Video

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