World class Industrial Pumps!

Investa was the First Metallic Pump Company in India to have pumps made out of a very specialized Lost Wax Process known as Investment Casting. This is a highly sophisticated process as compared to conventional sand casting process. Since its inception in 1995, Investa has made great strides, converting its first mover advantage to leadership position. It has grown in this short time to encompass three pump ranges offering over 80 models for specific applications.

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The pumps are broadly divided into two sections: horizontal pumps and vertical pumps. Although, there are many pumps manufacturers in India, we are having one of the most state of the art facilities: foundry at Rajkot and pumps assembling unit at Valsad. Both the units are in the highly industrialized Gujarat state and strategically located for easy dispatch of shipments to our growing global clients. We are also leading filter press pumps manufacturer in India and have perfect filter press solutions for all your needs.

As a leading vertical pumps manufacturers, horizontal pumps manufacturers and barrel pumps manufacturer in India, we ensure that each and every pump that is dispatched adheres to the quality policy norms set to the highest industry ANSI standard pumps. Here are some of the applications of vertical pumps: Pharma and APIs. The applications of horizontal pumps can be found in many industries, refineries and mills. The applications of horizontal pumps are varied and Investa manufactures horizontal pumps in many sizes and specifications.

Investa pumps is making new strides to achieve global presence in process and environmental technology and reducing product life cycle costs.

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