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Investa Pumps is one of the leading pumps manufacturers in India, with its head office at Mumbai and has two manufacturing units in Gujarat; Valsad and Rajkot.

Investa Pumps strikes a prominent name in the Indian Chemical Sector for all its Process requirements. Investa Pumps was also one of the first players in India to cast these pumps out of a very specialized casting process - that is the Lost Wax or the famously known Investment Casting Process in India.

These castings were introduced to eliminate the continuous problems of casting rejections and re working of castings. This casting process made Investa Pumps into a much more superior casting quality and totally free of casting rejections in order to deliver much faster to the customers as compared to its competitors.

With its current new Infrastructure in Gujarat and having its own indigenous foundry operations Investa Pumps now produces a wide range of Metallic Pumps in various Materials of Construction. With its presence going deep into the Indian Chemical Industries Investa Pumps emerges as a leading player in the Process Pumps Manufacturers. Investa Pumps adheres to a very high quality standards Foundry and Pumps engineering methods to serve their customers in the best possible ways.

Investa Pump’s distribution and servicing strengths have been the pillars in satisfying its customers nationwide. With a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians all across India, Investa Pumps are able to meet the demands for widely spread customers across all the parts of India. Investa’s ultra modern foundry and Pumps Manufacturing Operations allows it to tackle various difficult processes in the Chemical Sectors by casting various types of Exotic Alloys which is much superior in quality and can deliver at a much faster rate to the end users which are a much higher advantage as compared to any of its competitors. Investa Pumps has been the leader of these speciality pumps for quiet some years now and has been penetrating even more into the untapped processes of Indian Chemical Industries.

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