Closed Impeller Pumps Manufacturer in India »

Investa Pumps are into manufacturing of various sizes of Closed Impeller Pumps improving the efficiencies of process pumps in this energy conserved world. These pumps are available in various sizes ranging up to 1200cu.m/hr capacity and available in various materials of construction. These pumps are mainly advantageous where conservation of power is major concern and treatment of the fluid is very clear.

These pumps comes with a very special wear-ring design which helps in reducing the wear and tear of the casing increasing the life of the pump when the pump is under continuous running condition. This helps in the ease of maintenance as only the wear ring has to be changed and not the entire pump part.

Closed Impeller also helps in reducing the clearance between the Pump Casing and the impeller which leads to improved efficiencies and the minimum amount of wear. These pumps are majorly found in API units where there is clear solvent handling.