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Investa Pumps now introduces the new I-Mag series of Pumps as the Mag Drive Pumps. These Pumps are used in Pumping high amount of Cryogenic or Toxic Fluids where emissions of chemicals is a major issue. Investa Provides these pumps in ISO 2858/5199 Standards with Closed Impellers for Pumping Liquids with higher Pump effeciencies.

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  • Available in All Grades of Stainless Steel and other Exotic Metals(Alloy 20,Hast B and C)
  • Can handle temperature upto 240 Degree Centegrade
  • Equipped with High Alpha Sintered SiC Bush Bearings with Equivalent Slots grooved on it.
  • Also comes with NdFeBD and SmCo Rare Earth Magnets tackling all the cryogenic and toxic liquids at high temperatures.
  • All the Shafts are drilled completly hollow.
  • Special Carbon Impregnated SiC Bush provided for Dry Run Protection.
  • These Pumps are available upto 25HP.