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Slurry Handling Pumps Manufacturer in India

Investa Pumps manufactures Slurry handling Pumps for handling various slurries of Chemical Industries up to 35 to 40%.

These can be achieved various range of pumps which Investa Manufactures and with a certain amount of Construction features.

The most important features these pump have to pump any amount of slurries are the following

  • No seal water required.
  • Can pump upto 50 to 60% slurry and solid handling without much leakages which is there in normal gland pack pumps.
  • Due to less leakage the product loss is much lesser as compared to normal gland packed pumps.
  • It comes with a very specialised Non-Asbestos Gland Packing.
  • No maintainance reqd as no slurry mechanical seals are used.
  • Can be operated on 1440 as well as 2900 rpm.
  • Rotating parts can be provided in CD4MCu material for your kind of abrasive slurry.
  • Here the vaccum is created between the impeller and the expeller which holds the liquid and doesn't allowthe liquid to come towards the gland and throws the slurry back into the discharge line.

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