Stainless Steel and Cast Iron Pumps Manufacturer in India »

Investa Pumps are into manufacturing Pumps from Stainless Steel and Cast Iron or Cast Steel Castings for various duties in chemical plants. Their Cast Iron/Cast Steel Pumps are highly used in Water Pumping in Utility Sectors of Chemical plants.

Stainless Steel Pumps are generally consumed for various solvent handling applications or other Chemical handling applications pertaining to different industry. All these above Pumps have high wall thickness to take maximum pressure rating upto 20Bar. All the above CI/SS Parts are casts in different Induction Furnaces only to maintain the exact quality of Chemical Compositions. With superior casting finish for these pumps these pumps cater across the length and breadth of the nation.

For all these above Pumps all the Flange Standards are duly drilled as per Known Standard or can be as per Customer’s Standards as well. With having the best kind of Hydraulic Knowledge investa can produce highly efficient SS/CI pumps thus enabling the growth of any chemical plant.