Vertical Submersible Pumps

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Vertical Submersible Pumps Manufacturer in India

Fluorolined Equipment Pvt. Ltd. manufactures this heavy duty sump pump from Polypropylene for Primary Effluents, Corrosive Liquids and Scrubbing Systems.

This range of Pumps feature a thick walled volute casing and Back plate, Semi-open Impeller with large metal insert. Shaft sealing is eliminated and specialized CFT bush bearing at bottom end of shaft is provided to minimize shaft deflection. All hardware are made of Polypropylene with a metal insert.

The pumps are available in five standard vertical lengths: 0.5mts, 1.0mts, 1.5mts, 2.0mts and 2.5mts. The pump is designed upto 1.5mts submerge depth having a single column pipe and from 2mts to 2.5mts submerge depth the pump is designed with a double column pipe. The submersible depth is measured from pump support plate. The maximum head offered is 30mts with the maximum flow being 30m3/hr.

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